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We Help Amazon Sellers Scale Their Traffic And Sales Profitably Using Amazon Sponsored Ads
Our Work Has Been Responsible For Generating Tens Of Millions Of Dollars In New Revenue For Our Clients...
Most importantly, we're responsible for having some of the highest ROI's in the industry...

That's because we don't just do this for others, we also practice what we preach for our own brands, and have sold over $15 million dollars worth of our own products in the last 3 years alone.

We also created "AMZ Edge™" - our proprietary in-house software that does keyword and bid management on a single SKU basis and automates it all to bring you ROI's that manual management never could.

We specialize in working with high-growth Amazon brands and eCommerce brands that want to take their PPC results to the next level.
You Don't Need Amazon PPC Management, You Need A Team Of Experts
Every successful Amazon PPC campaign starts with a proven strategy and is driven by a team of experts using a time-tested process.
Full Onboarding Support
Our foremost Amazon PPC experts will get you ready by running a full Amazon account health-check, doing extensive keyword research, and creating your first campaigns. The onboarding process is typically done within one week.
World Class Bid Management
Our proprietary AMZ Edge™ algorithm adjusts every bid 2 to 3x per week, this allows us to literally make millions of micro-adjustments weekly to your campaigns, ensuring you get the best possible ROAS from your campaigns.
Negative Keyword Management
Our team builds negative keyword strategies unique to your business's campaign needs which are geared towards reducing costly ad spend on
non-converting queries and improving overall cost-to-convert
Keyword Expansion
We will research the most profitable search terms within your campaigns to discover which search terms are connecting with your prospects. We’ll then convert them into keywords and begin bidding on them.
Monthly Account Reviews
Get a snapshot of your performance growth by scheduling time every month with your account manager to review detailed reporting and run KPI tracks to your overall campaign goals .
Transparent Weekly Reporting
Weekly updates with a 100% visually objective and transparent data representation so you can see exactly what is and isn't working in your campaigns, and how their performance is evolving.
Top 5 Reasons Businesses Love Working With Us
1. Focus on making you more money

We focus 100% on making you more money. And we've generated over tens of millions in Amazon sales in the last four years for our clients so we're pretty damn good at doing that.

2. We're Amazon sellers ourselves

We've built, grown and sold Amazon businesses ourselves. So we know exactly what it takes to grow an Amazon business because we've been in your shoes.

3. Don't think. Know

Our clients hire us because they know that we won’t guess about how we can improve their Amazon PPC accounts profitability. We’re rigorously data-driven and relentlessly focused on making your campaigns more profitable.

4. Proprietary software

Our proprietary keyword and bid management software AMZ Edge™ allows us to optimise your accounts around the clock. It's pretty much like having a full time Amazon PPC manager that never takes breaks, never sleeps and never slacks off.

5. Proven process

We’ve been running Amazon PPC ads for ourselves and our clients for the last 4 years. We manage over $8,000,000 dollars worth of ad spend per year across a wide variety of industries. We know how to drive more sales for your Amazon business.
What Our Clients Say
Jason S
Amazon Seller
Darby R
Founder of Exomend
Dima K
Amazon Seller
Proven Results
But not results at any cost. Results that focus on the most important metric for any PPC campaign - ROI or ROAS (aka your return on ad spend). 
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About Us
We Treat Your Ad Spend With The Same Urgency And Respect We Give Our Own
Hi, I’m Eric Howard, founder of AMZ Engine.

My agency has generated tens of millions of dollars worth of sales for our clients. Word has spread about the results we get, and made us one of the most sought after Amazon PPC agencies in the world.

When you hire my agency, you’re not hiring a freelancer who is cutting his teeth and learning what works on your dollar. When you hire us you can rest assured that we already know what works and can deliver a steady stream of 'ready to buy' traffic straight to your product listings.

Literally, hiring us pays for itself.

Book your free consultation today or email us at for a quote.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Are My Options For Amazon PPC?

Option 1: Do nothing and let your competitors take all your sales.

Option 2: Try it yourself. Amazon PPC should be a core part of any Amazon business, but it’s hard and time consuming. Let us put what we’ve learned since 2014 to work for you now.

Option 3: Hire consultants. There are very well-qualified professionals who will manage your Amazon PPC accounts for you. Unfortunately, a lot of the time they're either way overpriced or they charge a low amount but do a minimal amount of optimization work for you.

Option 4: Hire us. When you hire you can rest assured that we already know what works, and you can have a small team and a wicked smart proprietary software dedicated 100% toward making your campaigns more profitable. Literally, our services pay for themselves.
Am I Qualified To Work With AMZ Engine?

We don’t take clients that we don’t believe we can help. We have deep expertise building out and optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns across a wide range of industries. If you’re getting at least 300 sales per month and have an established product, you should call us.
If most or all of your products have 10 or more reviews, you should call us.

If you’ve tried Amazon PPC services on your own with little success, you should call us. 
If your products are out of stock, call us when you’re ready.
If you want us to work on some of your products while you wait for others to be back in stock, that's not a problem. 
When it comes to Amazon PPC, opinions are the least interesting things in the world.
Our clients hire us because they know that we won’t guess about how we can improve their campaigns profitability. Because of our data-driven process and framework, we know.
What Can I Expect From A Call With AMZ Engine?

Regardless of whether or not you work with us, this critical initial call is going to be eye-opening and educational. We spend most of the call talking about your goals and your current situation.

You will get our first impression of your product listings and what could be keeping visitors from taking action.
We’ll talk about the nature of the category you're in and how Amazon PPC will impact your organic rankings.
We’ll go over our program and answer your questions about what will be expected of you and your team.
The more you know about your situation, the better your decision will be about investing in AMZ Engine.
If you are not ready for us, you’ll get a good idea of what you need to do to prepare your account for the next level of performance.
Call us and see.
How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve heard the stories of some of our competitors charging up to $300 for a single SKU… not the case with AMZ Engine. Our pricing model, just like the pricing for our software, is based on the number of SKUs we’ll be working with:

• 1-500 SKU’s (1 marketplace and up to $5,000 sales per month): $150/wk
• One-time setup fee of $100 regardless of the # of sku’s
• Additional marketplaces are $85/wk + aggregate sales which will affect teamwork hours/wk.
• 501 SKU’s and up: E-mail for special pricing
• We also manage SB (formerly Headline Search Ads) campaigns. There will be flat one-time fee per campaign created + $60/wk per increment of campaigns under management.
• You can choose which SKUs we manage, and update that list any time.
What Is Your Guarantee?

We retain the right to do additional optimization if we feel we haven’t delivered on our promise to make continuing with us a no-brainer for you.

Our program is designed to align our goals with yours. We aim to reach your target ACOS and ROI at scale within 30-60 days. We will do whatever it takes to get your on-going business.
Ready To Accelerate Your Amazon PPC Results?
The only way to find out how much growth you can achieve through working with us is to have a call with one of the Amazon PPC experts at AMZ Engine™.
Complete the form below to schedule your free discovery call.
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